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Morenas, 25 years, São Paulo

Height: 1.68 m Weight: 53 kg Size: 36


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Meet one outgoing, lively girl from Parana; Brenda is thin, sexy stunner with large tits who can make every man go crazy for her with her feminine charms.

 She likes visiting nice restaurants, reading good books and traveling all over the world. Moreover, all her ambitions for the future include traveling to exotic and exciting places. And this is, at the same time, the thing what she likes the most about being an escort; lots of trips, adventures and getting to meet new interesting people. Her favorite city is Paris with its romantic atmosphere and sophisticated culture.

 Brenda likes to be treated like a diva. Her man has to have nice manners and pay her utmost attention when she is with him. Interestingly enough, she enjoys being the dominant one in a relationship with a man.

 She has had sex in many exciting and unusual places, and of the craziest places where she had sex is in a car on the street. The greatest fantasy she would like to fulfill is to join the “mile-high club”, that is, to have sex on an airplane.

 When it comes to sexual preference, Brenda loves to get fucked from behind, and especially in the “doggy style” position, when the man is in complete control of her. As opposed to her preference in a relationship, where she wants to be the dominant one, when it comes to sex, she enjoys being submissive and compliant to her man. “The best sexual experience is when you think you’ve found the love of your life”, Brenda claims.

 As you might have noticed, Brenda is full of surprises and contrasts. Normally outgoing and feisty in public, she transforms into a sweet girly girl in bed. You can ride her for hours and she will obey all your wishes and desires just like a woman in love does.

Escorts Mclass - São Paulo - Brenda

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